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Education Classes

If you wish to have a safe place to ask questions, Lake Street Presbyterian Church may have the answer. We offer Youth Worship on Sundays at 10:30 AM.

Our classes are concerned with helping people come to faith, grow in faith, and live out their faith. We seek to do this well formally, and to recognize and encourage the ways it is done informally in the life of the church.

  • We seek to center our education in the Church's identity and purpose: Worship and Mission. (Asking ourselves does this equip people to understand and participate in the worship of God, in their lives? Does this equip people to understand and participate in serving God in the world?)
  • We seek to help the church and individuals be prepared to participate fully in the events that form our life and identity us as a Church (e.g. paradigmatic events, seasonal events, occasional events, and unexpected events), and to help people process and reflect upon the meaning of those things in their life and faith.
  • We seek to nurture faith that is relevant in people's lives - e.g., helping Scripture to be relevant and applicable in recognizing and responding to the needs of the world.
  • We seek to embrace a full definition of Christian Education, using curriculum and resources that reinforce this. This definition includes: intentional instruction about the essentials of our faith, belonging to and sharing in the community of faith, encouraging personal growth and progress on one's journey of faith, and instilling a sense of mission and global awareness of the Church's role in the world, living out our faith.
  • We recognize this ministry as God's and not ours, and humbly seek God's wisdom and guidance as we endeavor to care for the congregation in this way.

Concerning children:
We recognize that Christian Education of children happens first in the family. Therefore we seek to provide support and resources to better equip parents and families to raise their children in faith. We also recognize that children are educated by participation in the full life of the Church in worship and service. Therefore we seek to facilitate their inclusion, involvement, understanding and empowerment.

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